Nissan Credit Card

The Nissan credit card program was first announced in 2017, and over the years, it has garnered the reputation of being a standout rewards program in the automobile industry. In case you haven’t made yourself familiar with the program, you’re at the right place, as we’ll talk about how this credit card program works and how you can take advantage of it.

To sign up for the program, all you need to do is to visit a licensed Nissan dealership such as Bruce Bennett Nissan in Wilton, CT. If you live in New Haven, Fairfield, or Danbury, it’s the nearest Nissan dealership to visit for signing up for the rewards program.

How the credit card program works

A Nissan credit card can be used in a number of ways to earn rewards in the form of points.

  • You’ll earn 5 points per dollar spent if you use the card to make purchases at official INFINITI retailers and/or Nissan dealerships. You’ll also earn the same points tally if you use the card to buy gas.
  • If you use the card at cafes and restaurants, every dollar you spend will result in earnings of 3 points. 
  • To earn 1 point per dollar spent, you can use the credit card at places that accept payments through Visa credit cards. 

Two ways to make the most of the program

  • Purchase a Nissan vehicle: Nissan is known as one of the world’s standout car manufacturers, and if you dream of owning a Nissan car but haven’t been able to purchase one so far, the credit card program is just what you need. If your application for the program is accepted, you can use the credit card to buy a brand new Nissan car or a certified pre-owned Nissan vehicle. The latter is recommended for people who want to buy a car without spending big.
  • Use the card for all your purchases: As the acceptance of Visa credit cards is more prevalent than ever before, you can use the Nissan credit card to shop for all your necessities and luxuries instead of your debit card. For every purchase you make, you will earn points, which you can later spend on attractive deals and discounts from Nissan. However, be sure to keep a check on how much you’re spending as you don’t want to be a defaulter when it comes to making the credit card payments.

Visit Bruce Bennett Nissan in Wilton, CT, near Danbury, Fairfield, and New Haven today to know more about the Nissan credit card.

Source: Nissan