Have Peace of Mind with Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Safety on the road is always the main concern of drivers. Nissan, with its Intelligent Mobility system, strives to remove the apprehension drivers face on the road. Nissan Intelligent Mobility does not work towards automated models but focuses on helping drivers become better on the road.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility focuses on innovative technological advances that reduce the environmental impact caused by cars too. For this purpose, the company has developed high-efficiency power trains, advanced transmission systems, and alternative fuel engines.

Nissan's Areas of Innovation

Nissan has three pillars on which they have based the foundation of Intelligent Mobility.

Intelligent Driving

The Intelligent Driving system is a culmination of several safety options, which will help the car recognize danger and take action to help the driver. The options include standard features in all Nissan vehicles, such as Forward Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning and Safety Shield.

Intelligent Integration

Nissan looks to change the infrastructure of its creations with the Intelligent Integration system. The system will connect to roads and power networks, improving energy management. Electric variants will have "quick charge" enablements, thereby promoting easy and shorter commutes.

Intelligent Power

Intelligent Power aims to provide every driver with a seamless driving experience with powerful acceleration and better engines. Hybrid and electronic engines in vehicles are the norm, which helps conserve the environment and reduce air and noise pollution. Alternative energy sources will help the furthering renewable energy, while hybrid engines will encourage the use of fuel diversity.

Other Intelligent Mobility

You can find examples of Nissan's Intelligent Mobility in the company's cars already. There are several prototype versions of the system in core models of the company, such as

Rear cross-traffic alert

Moving option detection

Stand still assist

Surround-view camera monitoring system

Traffic sign recognition

parking assist

Automated headlights with an adaptive front lighting system

Nissan hopes to combine all Intelligent features in its products, providing a seamless and safe experience for drivers.

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Source: Pexels